Abs Workout: 8 Exercises To Make Your Abs Hard As Steel

Abs Workout: 8 Exercises To Make Your Abs Hard As Steel

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There are many exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, and the bar is one of them. However, sometimes the bar is not the exercise that you want to perform. And there are various reasons for this. For example, you had intensive training of the upper body, and as a result, your hands may ache, or maybe you have earned shoulder damage. In such situations, it is worth taking into account the basic exercises, which will become a full-fledged alternative to the bar and help to work out the stomach from all sides.

1. Paloff Press For Abs Drawing

Paloff Press For Abs Drawing

This exercise strengthens the transverse abdominal muscles. To do this, you will need a cable machine, on which you need to adjust the weight so that it matches your strength capabilities. You should not go overboard with the load – it is better to start with an average weight for you. How to determine the optimal weight we will tell you below.

Stand with your left side to the simulator and grab the handle with your hands. The handle should be located at chest level. Take two or three steps to pull the cable. If you are led to the left, then you should reduce weight. Extend your arms forward from the chest as you exhale and make sure that the body does not turn toward the simulator. This is your main task – to resist this force. Hold in the position with outstretched arms for 3-5 seconds and return to the starting position. After that, change the sides and repeat the exercise.

2. Oblique Crunches For A Six-Pack

Oblique Crunches For A Six-Pack

Exercise for the rectus and obliques. Lie on your back, spread your knees and join your feet. Stretch your arms behind your head. Perform twisting as you exhale, raising your legs and stretching your arms forward. Important: while twisting, try to tear the pelvis and shoulder blades off the floor. Freeze in this position until you feel tension in the press. Slowly lower your arms and legs down, returning to its original position.

3. Throwing The Ball On The Floor

Throwing The Ball On The Floor

Not tennis, not volleyball, but medical. Simple and affordable exercise at home (if you live on the ground floor). For the exercise, you must choose a not too light and not too heavy ball. Everything is done like this: take the ball in your hands and throw it on the floor with all your might. No, really, as much as you can. Keep your posture while doing the exercise.

4. Upper Ab Exercises: V Sit Ups

Upper Ab Exercises

Lie on your back and stretch your arms up. Raise your foot as you exhale and try to reach it with your hands. The leg should not be bent at the knee, and the back should remain flat. Pause and reach your toes with your hands. Return to the starting position slowly.

5. Modified Crunches: The Beetle

Modified Crunches

Surely in your childhood (and maybe even now) you watched with interest how the bugs that fell on their backs fidgeted for a long time, trying to roll over. Giving insects is not easy. Hence the name of the exercise. It is perfect for strengthening the muscles of the abdomen and cortex without unduly straining the lower back.

Lie on your back. The spine should be relaxed, legs raised and bent at right angles. The palms are located on the hips just above the knees. Pull in your stomach and, without moving your pelvis and stomach, begin to lower your right arm and leg until they become almost parallel to the floor. It is important to maintain stability and immobility of the trunk and spine during the movement of the arms and legs. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat using your left foot and arm.

6. Rectus Abdominis Exercises: V-Ups With A Medical Ball

Rectus Abdominis Exercises

As you can understand, a medical ball is not a useless thing. So do not hesitate to get it. Lie on the floor, take the ball in your hands and put it behind your head. Extend your arms and legs so that they almost touch the floor. This is the starting position – further difficulties begin. Raise the upper body and legs at the same time, while the medical ball should touch the feet. Return to starting position and repeat. Try to load the press as intensively as possible.

7. Weighted Ab Exercises: Oblique Twist “Wood Chopper”

Weighted Ab Exercises

For the exercise you need a dumbbell. Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. Take a dumbbell in your hands, sit down and turn the body to the left, moving the dumbbell behind the left thigh. Exhale, lift the dumbbell up, running it diagonally through the whole body. Do not round your lower back. Do the reverse movement and a few repetitions, and then switch the sides. It is important to concentrate on rotating the case. The exercise should be performed slowly, controlling each movement.

8. Weighted Ab Workouts: Dumbbell Kicks

Weighted Ab Workouts

Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees and place them about 30 centimeters from the pelvis. Take dumbbells in your hands (it’s better to do the exercise without fanaticism – pick up the dumbbells of medium weight) and place them at chest level. Put your elbows on the floor. With your hands on your chest, raise your body. Turning the body to the right, make a blow (lunge of the hand with a dumbbell) with your left hand. Press your left hand to your chest, turn the body forward and lower yourself to the floor. For the next repetition change sides.