Best Outer Thigh Exercises for Muscle Mass & Reduce Volume

best outer thigh exercises

Best Outer Thigh Exercises for Muscle Mass & Reduce Volume

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An emphasis on outer thigh is rarely seen in a leg workout program. This is not surprising, since the outer quadriceps does not provide an increase in strength and volume, and is mainly needed to create an aesthetic form. Therefore, most often exercises that emphasize the load on the outer surface of the thigh are inherent in women’s training programs. This article will focus on exercises aimed at gaining mass on the outer thighs, creating relief, and losing weight.

Anatomy of Outer Thigh

The outer thigh is a long, thin muscle called the broad lateral muscle. It is a flat surface of muscle tissue, which, during development, is not able to give a large increase in volume, but is able to give the thigh an aesthetic appearance. Performing strength exercises for the development of the outer part of the quadriceps, and this is the majority of techniques with a narrow stance of the feet, the broad medial muscle is involved in the work. When performing aerobic exercises, the broad medial is not involved in the work.

outer thigh exercises

The Best Outer Thigh Exercises

It is worth noting that outer thigh exercises aimed at gaining mass are performed with a stronger load on the ligaments and joints. This is due to the setting of stops, as well as the reversal of stops. To minimize injury, be sure to warm up thoroughly before exercise, and use a moderate working weight.

Outer Thigh Exercises for Muscle Mass

  • Narrow Stance Barbell Squat or Narrow Stance Barbell Squat
  • Leg Press Narrow Stance
  • Dumbbell Lunge (inward displacement of the foot)
  • Leg Extension Machine
  • Hip Abduction Machine

Outer Thigh Exercises for Reduce Volume

In order to build legs, workout should start with basic exercises. These can be any options using free weights and a large number of reps (15-20). Exercises are performed in the “circuit training” mode. Here’s an example of such a program:

  • Barbell Back Squat
  • Leg Press Narrow Stance
  • Leg Press Wide Stance
  • Side-Lying Leg Rotation
  • Side-Lying Leg Lift
  • Fire Hydrant Exercise

Both sets for training the outer thigh can be done at home, but increasing the volume requires working the muscles with weights. Dumbbells are also suitable for this.

How Do I Add Exercise to My Workout?

Isolation exercises in order to build the outer thigh should be done after the basic options. For example, a workout begins with a squat with a classic stance, and then we introduce exercises for the outer thigh.

When working to reduce the volume of the thigh muscles, the above exercises should also go after the basic ones.

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