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best outer thigh exercises

Best Outer Thigh Exercises for Muscle Mass & Reduce Volume

By admin 0 Comment August 27, 2021

An emphasis on outer thigh is rarely seen in a leg workout program. This is not surprising, since the outer quadriceps does not provide an increase in strength and volume, and is mainly needed to create an aesthetic form. Therefore, most often exercises that emphasize the load on the outer surface of the thigh are […]

big calves workout

How to Quickly and Efficiently Pump Calves at Home

By admin 6 Comments April 26, 2019

The calf muscles are the muscles of the back of the lower leg. Due to them, we can rise and stand on toes, straighten the feet, stabilize the body while running and walking. For men, it is important to have well-developed legs, it looks solid and aesthetically pleasing. In bodybuilding, it is very important to have a […]

Pump the back muscles

How to pump up your back muscles | basic exercises for the muscles of the back

By admin 0 Comment July 6, 2018

Not only does the inflated back look amazing, but it also helps the athlete achieve his goal, greatly facilitates everyday life, protects the spine, and provides posture! Knowing how to pump your back is a sacred duty of every athlete and athlete, regardless of the sport: pumped muscles of the back are equally necessary for powerlifters, swimmers, […]

Pump the upper pectoral muscles

How to Quickly Pump the Upper Pectoral Muscles?

By admin 0 Comment July 6, 2018

Many amateur athletes and beginners can notice problems with the build-up of the upper part of the pectoral muscle. This is because many do not know about some features of this muscle. The whole point is that the top, bottom, and middle of the chest have a different innervation and therefore they need to be […]