Home workouts for beautiful buttocks

Home workouts for beautiful buttocks

Home workouts for beautiful buttocks

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Standards of female beauty are constantly changing, and now, sporty women with rounded, elastic buttocks have replaced the painfully thin mannequins. In an effort to look like seductive fitness models, many girls are looking for ways to remove excess fat from the buttocks, give them elasticity and increase their volume. For these purposes, you can perform effective exercises for the buttocks at home, especially if it is not possible to attend the gym. 

Participants in the fitness bikini competition with exemplary, honed figures to perfection, are the best evidence that taut and developed gluteus muscles are one of the main components of a beautiful, seductive, athletic body. In any image, rounded, beautiful buttocks are the most important part of the composition. No miracle cream or other cosmetic, no food supplements or fast diets will make the ass round, tight and attractive. Therefore, all girls who have set a goal to bring their body in line with modern canons of beauty should perform exercises for the beautiful shape of the buttocks.


exercises for the buttocks




Features home workouts

The gluteal muscles are involved in almost all the usual daily movements, therefore, in order to achieve their hypertrophy, to make them work, special exercises and a good load are necessary. Of course, it would be more correct and effective to do this in the gym, where there are dumbbells, a barbell and weight training equipment – the best friends of elastic buttocks. This is especially true for those girls who want to increase them and make them more round.

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Nevertheless, nothing is impossible for a person who has designated his goal, so pumping the ass at home is quite real. The main principle is not to spare yourself, to perform as many repetitions and approaches as the buttocks burn. Since home workouts do not give maximum fatigue and muscle workout, you can perform exercises at home every other day. If, in addition to strengthening the muscles, the girl is faced with the task of reducing adipose tissue, workouts should be alternated with jogging or other types of aerobic exercise.


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Exercises for the buttocks

No matter how many innovative trends appear in fitness, whatever techniques are invented, the exercises for the elasticity of the buttocks remain the same. Want a beautiful ass – squat, do lunges, bridges and swinging until the fifth point is on fire.


Do squats help pump your buttocks? Definitely yes! Probably, everyone knows the expression “prisedala ass.” It is ideal for describing the gorgeous buttocks of fitness models. Classic squats and various variations of it – this is the most effective, which was invented to improve the rear view.

Squatting is a technically rather difficult exercise. To achieve maximum impact on the gluteal muscles, the implementation must be thoughtful and correct. Legs need to put a little wider shoulders, straighten your back and start moving back the pelvis, imagining that there is a chair behind you, on the edge of which you need to sit down. When the hips are on the same parallel with the floor, you need to return to the original position. These tips will help you understand how to squat properly to pump your buttocks:

  1. The knee does not go beyond the sock. Ideally, it should remain at a right angle and not move back and forth;
  2. The back is not rounded, the loin does not bend, the head does not bend;
  3. Emphasis on the heels, when returning to the starting position, do not fall into toes;
  4. When performing the exercise, try to strain the gluteal muscles as much as possible, “turning off” the quadriceps;
  5. The wider the setting of the leg the deeper the squat, the better the gluteus muscle is worked out.

Plie squats

This type of squat works well on the buttocks and connects the inner surface of the thigh. In order to properly perform the exercise, you need to put the legs wide and turn the socks to the maximum outside. Perform squats, leading the pelvis back and watching the knees. Complication of the exercise can be, if at the point of greatest tension of the muscles to perform three spring upward and downward movements, and only then return to the starting position.


plie squats


It should be borne in mind that without additional burdens you need to squat many times and do a lot of approaches. The feeling of a strong burning sensation in the muscles will tell you that you are on the right track.


Lunges – this is an excellent exercise, forming a rounded, bulging buttocks. Another advantage of it is the many variations of this exercise, which allows you to change the load:

  • The most usual, classic attacks , are performed as follows: a wide step is made with simultaneous bending of the leg at a right angle. After that, the foot is in its original position.
  • Reverse attacks mean taking a step back. The step should be wide enough so that the shin of the back leg forms a parallel with the floor. The front leg should be bent at a right angle.
  • Bulgarian attacks are a bit more complicated than the other options, since stabilizing muscles are also connected here. Raising the foot of the back foot in this kind of attacks should lie on a bench or chair. The front leg bends to a right angle and then returns to its original position.

Attacks are done alternately on both legs. This exercise should be multi-repetitive, up to 20-25 times on one leg. Especially if no additional burdens are used. The main rule for performing any kind of attacks is to follow the knee of the working foot, as in squats, it should not go beyond the sock.

Buttock bridge

This exercise works great on the gluteus maximus. It is lying on the floor. The legs are bent at the knees, the feet are approximately shoulder-width apart. Straining the hips and squeezing the buttocks you need to tear the lower back and pelvis from the floor, linger for a second and return to the starting position. Exercise should be performed due to the tension of the hips, and not due to jerks of the back. The stronger the buttocks are compressed, the more efficiently they will work.

To complicate this exercise, the feet can be put on a small elevation of about 30 cm and at the top point of bringing the legs together. This will allow additional work on the inner and outer thighs.

Also, for complication, you can put any weighting agent on the lower abdomen. At home it can be, for example, a bottle of water. However, this should be done only in the case when multiple repetitions no longer load the muscles as they should.

Walking on the buttocks

This exercise allows you to work out the buttocks and thighs, as well as improve blood circulation in problem areas and help in the integrated fight against cellulite.

Exercise is performed while sitting on the floor with straight legs and a flat back, arms bent at the elbows or closed at the back of the head. Lifting the thigh of one leg, take a “step” forward, then do the same with the other leg. “Reaching” so to the end of the room, do the same, but in the opposite direction. For each leg you need to take 20-25 steps in both directions.

Walking on the buttocks is an exercise that gives not only a good visual effect, but also a healthy one, thanks to a soft massage of the pelvic organs.

How to increase the effect of exercise

As already mentioned, the gluteal muscles should not be pitied. If there is a solid goal to pump up the buttocks and make them seductively rounded and elastic, home workouts should be done regularly. Before they start to warm up well, run on the spot or jumping rope. Energetic dancing is also quite suitable.


beautiful buttocks


Perform exercises, straining the buttocks as much as possible. Think about your goal, imagine how your muscles tighten and relax, focus on their work – this will help them work out as much as possible. Optimally perform about 25 repetitions on 4 approaches, but if this is a difficult task, it is better to perform less, but correctly. Constant control over the equipment will allow you to avoid injuries and to work out the muscles with high quality.

In order not to minimize their efforts, you should adjust the power. Limit saturated fats and simple carbohydrates. For the rapid recovery of muscle fibers and weight gain, it is advisable to enrich the diet with protein food. Adequate water intake will help get rid of cellulite and make the buttocks smoother and more elastic.