How to Turn Fat into Muscle?

how to turn fat into muscle

How to Turn Fat into Muscle?

By admin 0 Comment July 21, 2021

The complex that we offer is complex at first glance. But if you decide to follow it unconditionally, you can easily build muscle and burn fat.

How to Burn Fat?

The goal of many in the gym is to gain quality muscle mass and burn fat at the same time.

Unfortunately, athletes who train for a period of time to achieve this goal tend to stand at one point, spinning the wheel for months, if not years. This proves that bodybuilders are prone to great extremes and results.

Whether this is only normal among professionals or is a consequence of the habits required to bring about noticeable and lasting physical changes in your body, this is fine for most. Even when you copy the technique, when a group of people or athletes go through rigorous bodybuilding diets. You eat so much that it would be enough to feed a small country while gaining mass, and if you change the direction of the goal, you already fit in enough food when eating for drying.

Anyone who has ever really tried mass or low-calorie meals actually understands the extremes we are talking about. In the case of muscle growth, the body requires more food – a huge amount – combined with a decrease in physical activity. And in the case of drying, after building the necessary muscles, the body requires a reduction in calories and a lot of intense and tiring cardio exercise. In order to try to establish a mutual compromise between body pumping and drying, a compromise is usually made in both cases.

To do this, relying on scientific research and knowing how different body systems function, we will better understand and choose the necessary exercises and proper and timely nutrition to achieve the intended goal as quickly as possible – to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. This plan, which we give an example in the article, may be more suitable for bodybuilders, and is a little extreme.

However, with dedication and hard work, you can also achieve these two goals at the same time through proper nutrition and exercise.

What we’re going to do is take advantage of the body’s hormonal levels as it controls the daily circadian rhythm, physical activity, and eating time.

The plan includes both extreme periods: increased nutrition for muscle mass and fasting for fat burning; combined with various physical activities – strength training for increasing body weight (with heavy weights) and cardio training for losing weight.

Basically, you will workout for fat burning by limiting calories and carbs, and doing fat burning workouts on regular cardio and aerobic machines.

The rest of the time, you’ll sleep, pump heavy iron, or eat like crazy to drive protein synthesis, build muscle, and take advantage of the anabolic hormones brought on by hard training and eating habits.

ways to lose fat and gain muscle

Ways to Turn Fat into Muscle


Cardio workout for fat burning and strength workout for muscle growth – 3 to 6 fat burning cardio workouts should be done in total per week. Cardio can be divided into long-term and intense cardio. For the best result, it is necessary to alternate the types of loads. It is important for this program that your strength training is done towards noon.


Now the fun part is, the nutrition is divided into two parts: a low calorie or carbohydrate diet and a high carbohydrate diet. The low-calorie or low-carb portion. Duration of meals: all day without training and the first part of the day before training.

Combining Workouts and Nutrition to Turn Fat into Muscle

Breaking the diet plus strength training not only burns fat, but also puts the body in a glycogen deficiency, which increases insulin sensitivity so that the body expends every gram of nutrients it delivers in a short period of high-carb intake. Plus, it increases cell hydration, which is very important for protein synthesis. The body responds to large meals by increasing the levels of the anabolic hormone insulin in the body.

Having high, long-term insulin levels can cause harm and increase fat gain. But for a short period of time immediately after training, we can maximize the anabolic power of insulin for anabolism and muscle growth, minimally eliminating the accumulation of excess in the fat depot. Research shows that high carbohydrate intake during short, high-calorie meals has little effect on lipogenesis (the process of synthesizing fatty acids from carbohydrates).

At the same time, the body responds to large meals by increasing the amount of testosterone, leptin, and thyroid hormones produced. The hormone leptin is reduced during diets and causes fat burning, which in turn affects muscle cell division. By increasing leptin with large meals, we increase fat metabolism, which helps us stick to our plan. At the same time, all other hormones are optimized for muscle growth. Doing cardio in the morning not only burns calories and fat, but more allows you to stimulate the metabolism, and the diet allows you to optimize fat burning.

Also, the time of strength training coincides with the time when the body goes from anabolic to catabolic state. By doing strength training and intense cardio in the afternoon or early evening, we increase anabolic hormones and their dependence on stimulating the body’s metabolism. A strength training regimen and a high-carbohydrate diet can help manage hormones and achieve our goal of burning fat and building muscle together.

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Features of Combination Program

The program for burning fat and gaining muscle mass is intended for people with an average metabolism and will not be very thin and overweight. Those who have just finished a heavy 6,000 calorie per day diet and want to maintain their weight by burning fat and gaining muscle. For those who are losing weight and have already lost 5% of their weight from fat, and no longer want to lose weight, but continue to burn fat and gain muscle. The result of the program is an improvement in the appearance of the body and muscle shape, an increase in strength indicators, without changing the total body weight.

This means that the muscles grow and the fat goes away. Usually, if body weight starts to fall, it means that the calorie deficit is too low, and you should eliminate cardio training or increase the amount of food consumed during a low-carb diet. Some people may not need cardio at all, they will only be limited to diet, but most need at least 3 cardio workouts per week. If you reduce the amount of cardio, then remove it on strength training days and leave it on other days.

When you build muscle, the weight stays in place and the fat doesn’t seem to go away. Keep in mind that the percentage of body fat decreases – this is the ideal result. Those who stop at one point and are not getting results (total weight is increasing) may need to reduce the total number of high-calorie meals. Also consider switching from high-calorie meals to low-calorie meals will retain water, which can lead to an increase in waist size.

For this reason, it is important to compare measurements after large meals rather than on a low carb / low calorie day, as these numbers will be different. It is also necessary to understand that no matter how successful the program is, there will come a point when the body gets used to it and another more specialized program is required.

However, most people with 10-15% body fat can achieve 8% body fat using this program. Simultaneously building muscle mass in the process and not using any hormonal drugs.

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