Leg exercises for strength and speed

Leg exercises for strength and speed

Leg exercises for strength and speed

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If you want to be as fast as Cristiano Ronaldo and have a no less powerful blow, you need to pay special attention to exercises that develop leg strength and speed. As a Manchester United player, Cristiano honed his punch by kicking a ball with loads of legs. You can also use this method, but in addition to it we will talk about a few more exercises that will make your legs stronger and faster.

Single Leg Exercises: Single-Leg Squats

Single Leg Exercises

Stand straight and bend one leg. Hands should be lowered along the body. Slowly begin to lower, and at the same time move your bent leg and pelvis back and your arms forward. Get as low as you can. The knee should move towards the toe.

At least 3 sets of 10 repetitions are required for each leg.

Dumbbell Leg Workout: Side Lunges

Dumbbell Leg Workout

Stand straight and spread your legs wide. Take any weighting material that is convenient for you in shape and weight. Start to bend your left knee slowly and go down. The left knee should move towards the toe. The right leg should be straight at the bottom. Return to starting position and do the same with the right foot (i.e. start from the right knee). Three sets of 10-12 repetitions per leg will suffice.

How To Get Bigger Legs: Cable Hip Abduction

You will need elastic for the feet. Fix it on a pillar or other stable surface. Put the elastic on your left foot and stand with your right side to the post. Now begin to take your left foot to the side as far as you can. Do 15 repetitions (if you can 20 – let it be 20) and switch sides to do the same with the right foot. Do 3-4 sets.

Bodyweight Leg Workout: Leg Curl

Bodyweight Leg Workout

Stand straight, put your feet next to each other. Hands hold the waist. Start to lower slowly, bending your knees and lifting your heels off the floor. Try to go as low as possible. The exercise should be performed in three approaches of 10 repetitions and only with absolute confidence in their physical capabilities.

Dumbbell Leg Workout: Deep Squats

Dumbbell Leg Workout

Stand straight, feet are shoulder-width apart. Again, you’ll need weighting, so get dumbbells, ball, or something else. Start to lower, taking your pelvis back. Sit down as deep as you can. The knees move towards the toes. Don’t bend your lower back – keep it straight. Three sets of 10-15 repetitions will be enough.

Stairs for strong legs

Stairs for strong legs

If you want to develop explosive leg strength – find a training ladder. The staircase must be placed on a flat surface. The meaning of the exercise is simpler than its implementation: you need to very quickly jump into each cell of the ladder in different ways (side, front). With a great desire, you can make such a ladder yourself. Do not forget about running up the stairs.

Use Barriers To Get Bodybuilder Legs

Bodybuilder Legs

If you don’t go to the gym and prefer to work out in the fresh air – rummage in a landfill or somewhere else to find objects that you can use as mini-barriers. They are needed in order to step over and jump over them. There is a similarity to the previous exercise, but using barriers, you will develop dexterity even better, and it, you can be sure, has a very strong effect on the speed of the legs.

Mirror – Leg Workout Without Leg Exercise Machines

Leg Workout Without Leg Exercise Machines

Put two chips in a straight line. The distance between them should be 5-10 meters. Call a friend who is much more agile and faster than you. Stand in front of each other on opposite sides of the line at a distance of half a meter. A friend should try to break through you, but not touch. Your task is to block his path, repeating his movements (or reflecting – a mirror). Perhaps you have seen how football players perform such an exercise in training.

Sprint Downhill – A Great Lower Body Exercise

Sprint Downhill

After you ran uphill with acceleration (or to another hill), instead of resting, challenge yourself – turn around and do a sprint on the descent. After that, you can rest for 30 seconds and start all over again. Try to repeat this exercise at least 5 times.