Step Machine Workout – How To Pump Up The Buttocks On The Step Machine

Step Machine Workout

Step Machine Workout – How To Pump Up The Buttocks On The Step Machine

By admin 0 Comment April 23, 2020

The stepper is a cardio simulator, but it allows you to put a load on the buttocks and work them out in a power mode. We tell you how to do it.

Stepper Machine Exercises Execution Technique

  • Stand on the stepper, bend over and slightly bend your lower back.

Trying to show the beauty of the forms, many ladies bend their lower back excessively and strain their muscles. This leads to overwork of the extensors of the spine, after which you will need at least two days to restore the lower back.

Do not straighten – the gluteus muscle feels better when it is slightly stretched.

  • Put your feet apart.

Many girls, while working on the stepper, kneel down, forming the so-called X-shaped legs. This error leads to trauma to the knee joint.

  • Set the load so that the buttocks experience significant tension during the exercise.

It’s like taking a heavier barbell.

  • During the exercise, push the platform with the heel and try to bend the knee as little as possible.

The movement should go from the pelvis, and not from the hip, so that the load falls on the buttocks, and not on the hips.

  • Do not fall on the machine.

Distribute the load evenly from the hands on the back to the pelvis. Do not throw all the responsibility into your hands – your buttocks will not get a decent load.

Step Machine – How Long To Workout

  • 60 minutes

Goal: basic training

  • 30 minutes

Goal: fatigue of the gluteal muscles before the main training on the legs

Stepper Training Program

Stepper Training Program

  • Interval training.

Interval training is the alternation of a medium-intensity load (rest phase) with a high-intensity load (load phase) in equal time intervals.

Goal: keeping fit, losing weight (fat burning), increasing strength and endurance.

We propose alternating two types of intervals – power and cardio.

Wake up for 7-10 minutes.

Power interval: set high resistance on the simulator and move, observing the technique described at the beginning of the article.

Cardio interval: reduce the resistance by half and move standing, without focusing on the simulator. Bend the knee, transferring the load on the thigh and simulating the climb on the steps. You can transfer pressure from the heel to the toe, which will give a load to the calf muscles.

Alternate load types every three minutes.

  • Strength training.

Strength training – work is almost at the limit of your capabilities.

Goal: muscle enlargement.

Wake up for 7-10 minutes.

Increase the load by 80% of the warm-up and move for 50-60 minutes, observing the technique described at the beginning of the article. Try not to reduce the load. The gluteal muscle is the largest, to work out it will require maximum effort.

  • Cardio training.

Cardio training – work at an average pace, in which the heart beats at about 60-70% of the conditional maximum (220 minus age).

Purpose: strengthening the cardiovascular system, burning fat.

Wake up for 7-10 minutes.

Increase the load. Work from 30 minutes to an hour, controlling the pulse – 60-70% of the maximum.

We understand that many dream of rounded buttocks, but do not forget about working on all other muscle groups. Develop a harmonious body.