Types of simulators in the gym

Types of simulators in the gym

Types of simulators in the gym

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Going to the gym is always accompanied by excitement, especially if this event is planned for the first time. The huge iron aggregates seem so complex that to study them and begin to study is a matter that is postponed on a subconscious level for later.

For many of us, training is an important part of the week. But if you regularly practice on an elliptical simulator, and other types of simulators in the gym remind you more of transformers than equipment for training, then it’s time to update your workout!

Are you interested in everything the gym can offer, and how to work on the simulators, but the eyes run off and the soul goes to the heels at the sight of the army of iron cars that stand next to the good old treadmill? Do not be afraid anymore!




All sports halls can be conditionally divided into the corresponding types of load zones:

  1. cardio (the main goal – to lose weight and to awaken the reserves of endurance of the body)
  2. power (simulators help to build muscle, create tone and gain weight).

To women and men who first crossed the threshold of the gym gained self-confidence and made a minimum of mistakes, it is worthwhile to conduct a mini-tour of the inventory.

Conventionally, it is divided into several categories:

  • simulators – here include all the devices that specifically target certain muscle groups, it also means working with weights;
  • shells for fitness – hoops, sets of dumbbells of different weights, balls, steppers and other female assistants in pursuit of harmony;
  • power sports equipment – bars, vultures and pancakes.


types of simulators

The main types of simulators

Each gym, which is popular with visitors, has several types of simulators. This helps to get maximum in one “simulator” and not look for other options that enhance the effect.

Simulators are divided into the following types:

  • Cardiovascular equipment (orbitreki, treadmills and other units that increase stamina);
  • lever – in their design free weights are provided, which you can adjust at your discretion (or using the advice of an experienced instructor);
  • block – the weight is built-in, there is a movable pin, which helps to regulate it;
  • simulators in which the main driving force is the weight of the athlete;
  • power frames (the second name – “nominal”, as a rule, have their own name).

Exercise bike

Positively affects the strengthening of the cardiovascular system, is indispensable for the feet, forms attractive reliefs of calves and thighs, strengthens the gluteal muscles. Modern models are equipped with a display, which displays the pace, speed, various individual indicators.


An effective way to lose weight, accelerate metabolism. Excess calories are burned faster, the degree of load depends on the angle of the torso. The athlete independently regulates the speed of movement. One of the simplest simulators, how to deal with them intuitively, every woman.

Elliptical trainers

This type of equipment in the gym can be classed as universal, they are performed by two types of exercises – for the stepper and treadmill. Strengthens ligaments and musculature. Muscular fibers of the legs, buttocks are simultaneously used during the sessions. Load on the knee joint is minimal, the presence of handles allows you to pump your hands, form beautiful shoulders and strengthen the pectoral muscles. Can be equipped with a display.


Effective simulator for the buttocks and leg muscles. The athlete chooses the tempo independently. Depending on the model, you can adjust the load for each pedal separately, in other cases the pedals are connected to one system. The name of the simulators in the gym, video with a demonstration of which is located below, will help at first glance at the new unit to determine its type.

Rowing machine

It allows you to quickly form a beautiful shoulder girdle and arms, regular exercises have a positive effect on the respiratory system. During the exercises the legs are involved, the minimal load on the ankle allows increasing the intensity of the session. A good simulator for the press and maintaining the tone of the pectoral muscles.


shells for fitness



Female simulator, the purpose of employment on which is a worked bicep. Ideal for girls who prefer to train long and hard. Simulators belong to the category of complex, called so, displaying the essence of the exercise. In the configuration there are several sets of weighting agents for load regulation.

Bench for extension

The main zones that are worked out are the back and legs. The photo shows a female version of the simulator, which does not present difficulties in use. On it it is possible to do various modifications of exercises, preliminary having co-ordinated loading with the trainer. A woman can begin with a more sparing program, gradually increasing the load.


An interesting and new model of simulators, the main goal of which is the training of all muscles (press, arms, legs). The lesson resembles an imitation rock climbing, for beginners is not suitable. The beginning of classes on the climber  requires athletes to endurance and exceptional physical fitness.


A sports device whose shape resembles a pair of scissors. It is designed to strengthen muscle tone and reduce weight. Ideal for women. “Rider” works through all muscle groups, works press, shoulder girdle, legs and arms. The simulator is equipped with a display, through which it is easy to follow your pace, spent calories, shows the number of repetitions per minute.

Roman chair

This name of the simulators in the gym combines several types of devices, the main function of which is fixing the legs when pumping the press. The athlete takes a sitting position, the load on the joints is reduced. Straight abdominal muscles and oblique muscles are well studied. Such a simulator is in every room, it can be occupied by men and women, regardless of the level of physical fitness.

“Butterfly” simulator

The main purpose – training of pectoral muscles. A bench with a high back (emphasis for the back) and two moving parts for the right and left hands. Smooth mixing and dilution of hands to the sides in just a few months of regular training can form a beautiful high chest, working with muscles that are difficult to get to. Simulators are of different modifications, but the working mechanism of all models is identical.

Strength trainers for legs

The muscular corset is supported by the tone of different muscle groups, in particular located in the lower limbs. The depth of their occurrence is large enough, therefore, a large scale and an average number of repetitions are recommended for study.

Simulator of Gackenschmidt 

During the exercises, gluteal, semitendinous muscles, quadriceps are involved, mediocre effects on the calves are mediated.

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Platform simulator 

Used to work out all the muscles of the legs. Preferred for those who have problems with the back. When performing an exercise of varying intensity, this part of the body is not involved.

Extension of legs in the knees sitting 

The main feature of the simulator is the unloading of the knees, which helps to protect the joint from overload.


simulators in the gym


bending of the legs in the lap

A similar effect on the muscles of the legs, only the position of the athlete changes.

Simulators for calves

Helping to train the calf fibers, giving them strength and shaping the relief of the legs.

How to get a press of your dreams

Work on the abdominal muscles is very important, since they are responsible for stabilizing the body in general, referring to the category of “bark.”

Strengthen the fibers, make the stomach elastic and flat will help the following trainers:

  1. Inclined bench
  2. Gymnastics roller
  3. The Swedish wall with bars

Embossed biceps and triceps

Two thirds of the surface of the hand is the triceps. To pump it, you need to pay attention to free weights, more often take up the bar and do more approaches.

The best assistants will be:

  1. Block frame
  2. Scott’s Bench
  3. Bars.
    The biceps arm muscle will help a man look impressive, and women with an excessively narrow upper part of the body will find beautiful shapes.
  4. Biceps machine simulator

Simulators for back, shoulders and trapeziums

The largest muscle formation, consisting of several subgroups, is the back. It is only possible to pump it correctly in the case if you choose the necessary simulators.

Among the effective traction units can be identified:

  1. T-neck construction
  2. Block simulator
  3. Bench for extension Thetraining of three deltoid muscles (triceps) will be effective only when each of them is thoroughly worked out separately. Among the simulators can be identified:
  4. Usual weights (or dumbbells with a correctly selected weight
  5. Deltoid butterfly


power sports equipment

Thoracic muscles: how to achieve maximum effect

A beautiful and tightened chest becomes the keystone of attention from the opposite sex. If its form does not cause a woman to delight, do not immediately “sin” on nature, genes and sit idly by.

Examination of the pectoral muscles is a guarantee that in a few years the breasts will be tight (if, of course, dealt correctly and regularly).

Popular exercise machines for the development of pectoral muscles:

  1. Hammer’s simulator
  2. Crossover

It is not difficult to engage in them, the main thing is to follow the rules and recommendations of the instructor, so as not to overload the fibers, giving them an excessive tone.


As you can see, simulators in the hall are not such an incomprehensible thing with a competent approach to them, preliminary acquaintance. Now, when you come to the hall, you easily navigate in its equipment, or rather – you will know which simulator is designed for and what it is working on, which means that you will spend valuable time with greater benefit. It remains only to tighten the technique of performing exercises on these iron “machines”, and everything will be fine.